Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time for Marijuana Reform? (Journalism Assignment)

Do you think it is time for a change as far as marijuana is concerned? Why or why not? I set out to the middle of Frostburg State University campus to find out how my fellow students felt about the idea of legalization and Proposition 19 that will appear on California ballots.

Louis Mozzano, a junior international business major and homecoming king hopeful from Middletown MD. said "It is already happening." Louis believes that the government is ignorant to believe that they can actually stop or control the underground business. He believes that the government should go with the flow of fully legalizing the substance for recreational use as well as medicinal and reap the benefits as far as taxes are concerned. No one person or group can stop the circulation and because studies are showing its medicinal benefits, it is time to let the people have what they want without the worry of prosecution.

History major/super senior, (5.5 years) Jen Gover from Carrel County said, "It would get out of hand." When asked "How would marijuana get more out of control than alcohol is today?," her response was " Alcohol isn't out of control." My follow-up question for her was "What does it matter if marijuana does get 'out of control' when studies show its medicinal properties?" Jen responded with "It's not dangerous, it will just make people stupid." Before I had time to write down her response in full, Louis Mazzono, who was still standing nearby, interjected with "Not going to provide names but, I know quite a few people who got here on academic scholarships who smoke marijuana daily."

Katherine Neubauer, a business major set to graduate in 2012, from Waldorf, MD. said, "Marijuana should definitely be legalized for recreational use!" Because of America's huge/growing debt. Katie feels that marijuana legalization can help with the increasing national debt issue. Instead of throwing people in jail for buying from drug dealers, why not tax it like alcohol and make a profit, instead of continuing to overcrowd our prisons?

In-school Counseling Graduate student, Ashley Ford, from Severna Park MD believes times are changing and the only way to stay ahead is to change with the times. The public view on the vegetation is changing and the medicinal qualities are becoming clearer. "I saw on the news about an ice cream shop in California where one bite of the dessert is equivalent to four to five puffs of a cannabis cigarette." said Ashley.

"People are getting into too much trouble over something that isn't harmful, violent, or dangerous." These are the words of Randy Ogu, a Freshman biology major from Prince George's County,MD. Ogu didn't have much to say because he was already late for class but, he wanted to add that "Yes, it is time for a change.

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